How to talk to Russian ladies


Talking to the girl you like can be rather challenging and nervous occasion, especially if it is a foreign girl, especially if it is one of the Russian cuties. Whether you chat online or in person, it seems extremely difficult to make a positive impression on your Russian date. However, there is no need to worry as Russian ladies are usually cheerful and open-minded, ready to discuss almost each topic you bring into the conversation. Besides, Most Russian girls are well-mannered and intelligent, that’s why they will never make fun on your fussiness or bad jokes. There are no special approaches to these women. All you need to do is to be attentive and follow some simple pieces of advice, listed below:

How to talk to Russian ladies

Play it safe and easy

If we talk about the initial stage of your relationships (which is probably the toughest one), then your first conversations (online or offline) ought to be rather discreet and sensible. Try to touch upon common subjects, such as hobbies, interests, favorite books, animals etc. To make the process easier – compile a list of general topics which could appeal to both your Russian date and you. By no means should you get too intimated or crack some inappropriate jokes- that might only frighten her off.

Take the initiative

As a general rule, Russian girls are rather shy during the first dates. As a result, they can simply forget every word in English and get too nervous. In order to keep your conversations interesting and alive, you need to take the situation in your firm hands. Start by asking her about herself. Such questions as ‘Where do you work?’ or ‘Where do you study?’ can help you get to know a girl better as well as make her open up. Later on, proceed with telling her about yourself. Mentioning a couple of real funny stories will make her feel even more comfortable around you.

compliments on dateMake her compliments

All girls want to be complimented, and Russian ladies are not an exception. Therefore, if you want your date to light up at your flattering words- be ready to shower her with compliments. Don’t get too forward and try to fit the compliment into the situation. For example, if a girl has dimples, tell her that they look extremely adorable when she laughs at your joke. Or something like - “Every guy has been staring at you from the moment we’ve entered this room’’ – will totally have the wow effect. Making your Russian girl feel special is the right path to winning her heart.

Stay cheerful and positive

Light flirt and cheerful attitude will be only a plus. Get prepared to do a lot of smiling. Even though you might feel somewhat uncomfortable, don’t let it show. Just try to be yourself, stay natural and keep smiling. Not only smiling will keep you at ease, it can make you more attractive to your Russian date, as well. In other words, stay positive and try to have fun.


  • Her/Your ex-lovers

That is a totally unacceptable topic. Making your Russian girl remember of her ex will spoil the whole thing for good. But the absolute worst thing you can do is mentioning your ex-girlfriend. This will leave her thinking that you still haven’t got over your previous relationships and are not ready to move on.

  • Political debates

This is another subject which should be definitely left out. Taking into consideration the current situation in Ukraine and Russia, your small discussion can blow into a controversial dispute. Therefore, if you want everything to go smoothly, try to forget about politics and everything related to it.

  • Religious debates

The last one taboo subject is religion. It is a well-known fact that Orthodox Church is the most popular religion institution in Russia. Thus, your views and opinions on that case may be quite opposite. Do not impose your ideas on a girl, if you don’t want to scare her off.

Stick to these recommendations and you will win the heart of your beautiful Russian princess sooner than you expect.

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