Topics to Discuss with Russian Ladies


Have you finally made up your mind for approaching a Russian girl? Congrats! But what to start with? The mysterious Russian soul was always a subject for numerous discussions. No one seems to be able to decode it – yet it’s possible to get closer to Russian ladies via communication. Indeed, this is the most important element of any human relations.

When it comes to romance – especially, a cross-cultural romance – the way you talk to your potential partner matters above all. A huge number of Westerners annually go to online dating sites in searches of the love of their lives. Yet so do Russian women. Of course, they wish to be treated properly by their online friends. So let’s have a look at the safest topics to discuss with your prospective Russian woman!

Topics to Discuss with Russian Ladies


Remember: all people are egocentric! And well, this is the norm. Thus, when someone shows frank interest to our personality, we likely fall for this person. For the beginning, we suggest you tackling a pretty neutral topic – girl’s areas of interest. This actually can tell you how compatible you two you may be. Don’t hesitate to tell her about your enthusiasms in return as she also wishes to figure out whether you match her or not. And surely, react to everything she tells you. Ask more follow-up questions to get more details about her life and personality since hobbies can provide you with a huge amount of info.

Travel experience

Due to certain financial and economic problems in their country, many Russian girls have never been to other countries. On the other hand, those who live in large cities often find opportunities to travel around the world. Modern Russian ladies are eager to open new horizons so they typically appreciate any communication with foreigners. If you’re an experienced traveller, this is your advantage in a view of such a girl. This topic perfectly matches any situation and demonstrates your life position is really active. Likewise, knowing her preferences, you may make up a plan for possible joint travels in the nearest future.


This is what makes us who we are. In Russia, there’s the true cult of a family. These people were always pretty close with their relatives. Here, several generations of the same family can live in one flat because of the “housing question”. Well, everyone has different relationships with his parents, grandparents, and siblings. Yet Russian girls mostly attempt to build a harmonious connection with each person around them. Moreover, their main life goal is to meet a decent husband and give birth to at least one child. So if you raise this topic, your potential match will likely be happy to respond.


In order to discover your partner’s inner world, you should become aware of her memories because this gives you an explanation of many things about her. Certainly, you should be careful as she might have some unpleasant memories. If you aren’t sure she will be glad to tell you about her childhood, for instance, start this topic first. Sharing positive details about your life, you will get closer to her mentally so she will feel there’s more intimacy between the two of you. Who knows, maybe you always had a lot in common?


As you already figure out, Russian girls like discovering the world. On the other hand, they are deeply fond of their national culture that is indeed many-sided and alluring. Any Russian lady would be proud to tell you more about her traditions, language, beliefs, and pieces of art created in her country. Not to mention, this would be pretty valuable for your self-growth. Don’t also forget to tell her about your own country for she will likely be excited about all these new facts.

Plans for life

In fact, this is what is called “a big issue”. Drawing up one’s life path was never easy. However, if you know what you’d like to achieve, we recommend you talk about it with your Russian friend. Don’t stick to this subject from the very beginning – just drop some items that would prove you’re a determined guy. Russian girls love such a type of men for they wish to feel secured in relationships. By the way, these ladies usually state their life priorities rather clearly. So touching this topic, you will show your prospective girlfriend your minds are similar.

All in all, chatting to Russian ladies isn’t that difficult as you might have imagined. It’s all about your advanced communication skills: each of partners in a dialogue should perform two roles simultaneously. First, one should be a good listener. Second, he/she should know how to convey the necessary message to his/her partner. In this way, you’ll be able to sustain a woman’s interest to you. Another main principle of successful communication: be confident, courteous, and calm. This attracts Russian ladies like no other!

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