Where to find russian single ladies for dating?


It goes without saying that Russia is a country of the most enthralling women. Whether it is a business or a tourist trip – coming to Russia and see their beauty for yourself is the best thing you can do. From there, you have lots of beauties to choose from!

If Russia is not your destination point, then consider coming to places with a large population of Russians, e.g. Estonia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, etc. Traveling around these countries can be an amazing experience as well. Many women from these countries possess some traits, peculiar only to Russians and in a miscellaneous blend.


Keep in mind that Russian men usually hate shopping and their women are just the opposite. If you don’t mind meddling into somebody’s relationship, then don’t go to restaurants or bars, shopping centers are perfect places for you to blow her mind! This place is perfect on so many levels – you can show off, buying fancy clothes and make her see that you got some taste, buy souvenirs or paintings which can show that you are fascinated with her culture. Such minor events are the seeds to be carefully planted and grown into a colorful experience and never-ending conversations with your new Russian friend.

Finding a woman who shares your fascinations is a dream. Then, go for it! Apart from spending money and trying your luck in a mall, you can find something extremely unique and exquisite at a music concert. Whether it is a rock or philharmonic concert, appearing in her life as if accidently and communicating in a language that only you can understand can make an indelible impression. So, the idea is to appear in her life suddenly and make her feel like you have known one another for ages. Works like a charm on any girl, but Russian ones are extremely vulnerable to this because deep inside they are incurably romantic. They just want to be Cinderella. Opening doors, flowers, being protective can make a solid impression on them.

Being in the US, consider paying a visit to immigrant communities. Cities like New York have a huge population of Russians. You can get acquainted with some of them and figure if they can assist you in your search. As a rule, Russian families are big and most of those in New York can have plenty of friends and relatives around the US. While these women are primarily Russian, they can be westernized to some extent. For pure and unrefined Russians, go to Mother Russia.

Actually, Russian communities are easy to find if you do the proper research. Look for their pages on facebook or find some Russian restaurants.

Now that we talk about internet research, seek for any dating websites. It requires some time to create a decent profile there and most of them are not free, but it is a good way to establish some communication between you and your potential best half. This option is good because you don’t need to leave your comfort zone and get acquainted with women remotely.

Bear in mind that every Russian woman you find on websites shall be unlike the previous one. Russians in Moscow are slightly different from Russians in St. Petersburg and Russian women of Novosibirsk can be unlike ones from Irkutsk. Russia is a huge land inhabited by many nations. Before you decide to hop on a plane to this land or communicating online, make sure you know at least some of their local peculiarities. The positive impression it can make on them can hardly be exaggerated.

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