How to Be a Good Boyfriend for Dummies


Men and women spend most of their lives on being attractive and interesting to the representatives of the opposite sex. How can a man be interesting to a woman? What do women value most in men?

be a good boyfriend

Many articles and books have been written on this topic. Each woman can give a list of those qualities that she appreciates in a man most. In some ways, these lists are different. However, there are common qualities that any woman will appreciate in men. On the other hand, many guys want to know what girls like most in men to become perfect boyfriends. This will simplify life and personal relationships with the opposite sex.

However, sometimes, to meet a soulmate can be as difficult as to find a needle in a haystack. There are too many options around women, and man cannot understand how to be the best boyfriend ever. Let’s study this issue and try to cope with it.

What Modern Girls Really Look for in Their Men

Everyone knows that women dream of Prince Charming, imagining their posh wedding and happily ever after. Of course, in the future, real feelings adjust these dreams, and a smart woman learns to accept both the pros and cons of a beloved man. However, of course, every woman would like to meet her ideal.


When you ask yourself how to be the perfect boyfriend, what are you thinking about? What does primarily attract women? Is it about six-pack abs? Is it about a bank account with 6 figures? Do they need a tall handsome man on a white horse? Absolutely not. The first of the qualities is reliability. It is not only the fact that you, for example, do not play gambling or you have never cheated on the partner, being in a long-term relationship.

When it comes to courtship and marriage, the sense of reliability is about the fact that you are the one who you say you are, and your words coincide with the deeds. So, such concepts as trust, responsibility, and lack of attempts to pretend to be someone else come to the fore.

Emotional connection

Reliability is built through an emotional connection. A modern woman needs a man who will be there when she needs him, who is ready to be interested in her and take care. Women want to be respected and listened to, they want to make emotional connections with their boyfriends.

how to be a good boyfriendGive the woman your undivided attention. This means that if she wants to talk to you, take a break from a video game, set aside a mobile phone and show with your actions how important she is to you. Men believe that there is no point in discussing negative emotions, and it is much better to find a solution to the problem and forget about it. But for women, emotions are an opportunity to make close contact. Don’t forget about that when you start asking yourself how to be a good boyfriend.

Advanced skills

No matter what you do, women will be captivated by your advanced skill if you can demonstrate it to her. In other words, if you collect stamps, she wants to be with the most famous and status collector. If you collect garbage, become the most knowledgeable and powerful garbage collector. Women are attracted to men who know how to become president and head of ... themselves. This is not about aplomb. There is a huge difference between aplomb and self-confidence. Confidence attracts a woman. Aplomb pushes her away. Confidence is about your knowledge of your abilities. Aplomb comes out of uncertainty about them.

How to Be a Good Boyfriend: 10 Tips for You

If you are serious about finding out how to be a better boyfriend, then you shouldn’t be skeptical about some “obvious” things. Men who neglect tips on how to be a good boyfriend, continuing to adhere to the same course of conduct, will not see any changes, of course. As they say, “The sleeping fox catches no chickens.”

1. You should be up-and-coming

Male assertiveness and confidence are very attractive for most charming women. It's so sexy when a guy knows what he wants, when he does not hide head in the sand if there are some problems and when he is able to stand up for himself. Women are looking for men who have leadership qualities. So, if you don’t know how to be a great boyfriend, try to work on your self-esteem, develop your unique qualities and learn how to deal with some issues.

2. You should be reliable

Women appreciate men who are emotionally and financially reliable. Such a partner understands responsibility, and they are ready to share it with their beloved ones, not making them cope with anything on their own. You will become a perfect boyfriend for a girlfriend if she understands that you are not afraid of obligations and committed relationships, which will have its ups and downs.

3. You should treat a woman as equal

Despite the tendency of a man to take the lead in the couple, ladies like it when men consider their girlfriends equal to themselves and always listen to their opinions. It’s not about feminism, it’s rather about a healthy relationship in which both partners play equal roles, and nobody feels disadvantaged.

4. You should be a good interlocutor

Women are looking for men who can keep up an interesting conversation. So, if you reflect on how to be the best boyfriend, then try to develop your conversational skills. A huge advantage is a good sense of humor. However, this item also includes the intellect, logic, and ability to listen. By the way, intelligence attracts a worthy girl more than an impressive bank account or a handsome appearance.

5. You should find your passion

This is not about physical passion but about motivation, enthusiasm, and interests. If a man has this passion, it means that he also has ambitions and purposes in life. This is really a positive trait for a woman. So, try different areas to find something that suits you most and brings pleasure, and you will not be interested in how to be boyfriend material.

6. You should know how to show empathy

A guy who looks rigid outside, but who loves animals and respects older people, will arouse great sympathy in any girl. So, if you want to become a better version of yourself, you should learn how to show your empathy. No one woman wants to be with a rude and coldhearted guy at least because these are signs of a toxic partner.

7. You should understand yourself

If a man is well aware of his best and worst features, it means that he is open to changes and improvements. This feature is very important for most women, and it is considered a positive aspect of relationships. Girls are looking for men who understand their pros and cons. And if you don’t know how to be a romantic boyfriend, just google for all the possible things that romantic guys do for their beloved ones. Knowing your strong sides, you will be able to benefit from any option.

8. You shouldn’t rush things

No matter how gorgeous or reliable a man is, a relationship may not work if there is no chemistry and compatibility between two people. Some couples can experience this chemistry even on the first date. However, as a rule, love chemistry takes time to reach cruising speed and can be a good harbinger of success in relationships if you don’t rush things. This will only strengthen the union in the long run. So, looking for the tips on how to be an amazing boyfriend, first, analyze your behavior and don’t force things.

9. You should look presentable

Although the appearance aspect is usually subjective, any girl would like to be with a man who is neat and presentable. You don’t have to wear fashionable clothes, but you should be familiar with good manners and be neat. In the end, girls also make efforts to look great and attract a man. So, if you want to become a better boyfriend, then start watching your hygiene and appearance.

how to be the best boyfriend10. You should be loyal

Of course, women dream to live a long happy life with loyal and faithful men. People who have gone through situations involving betrayal and deception say that this is one of the most painful experiences. No girl wants to find herself in such a situation, therefore, loyalty is a very valuable quality of any guy. This item surely answers the question, “How to be a good boyfriend for dummies?”

How to Not Be a Jealous Boyfriend?

The fear of losing a partner makes a person anxious and always be on guard. These are the emotions that you experience when you invest all your efforts and emotions in the person. In addition, you have doubts from time to time. And when insecurity and jealousy become ongoing in the couple, they begin to threaten the relationship, which you, on the contrary, try to save by all means. If you are jealous and not particularly self-confident, then your constant suspicions and checks can only alienate your partner. How to not be a jealous boyfriend? How to get rid of this behavioral model, regain self-control and make your relationship healthy and happy?

1. Find value in yourself

To get rid of insecurity, stop focusing on what you believe you are missing. The truth is that you are your worst critic. We tend to exaggerate our shortcomings and underestimate ourselves. We praise others, but people do not know how to praise themselves. In a healthy relationship, each partner realizes their potential in their own way, and these differences supplement each other. So, think about your best features. It is about things that may have attracted your beloved girlfriend. Instead of focusing on your drawbacks, think about your pros. It will make you more confident. Jealousy comes precisely from insecurity in yourself or a partner, so you should take care of this first.

2. Stay independent

Of course, you may think that your life will become empty without your partner. But this does not mean that you should be excessively dependent on them. The reason why your girlfriend has fallen in love with you is, first of all, that you were special, satisfied with yourself and independent. It may be difficult for you to keep the level of independence that you had before in a couple, but you should try. A great way to preserve your independence and not be jealous is to have your own interests and strive for self-improvement.

3. Believe in your mutual love

It seemed to you that your partner flirted with someone in a restaurant yesterday. Perhaps they did it, but perhaps they didn’t. However, keep in mind that you two have a common story. Every person is flirting from time to time, sometimes even not realizing it. Maybe your partner was simply outgoing and friendly, but you misinterpreted their behavior. In most cases, the things you are most afraid of never happen. If you have no evidence, then don't make a big deal out of it. Otherwise, jealousy in the relationship and irrational fear can destroy everything that you have built for so long.

4. Find out the root cause of your jealous

A big number of people are jealous and insecure about their relationship due to their ex-partners. Have you tried for a long time to recover from the last breakup? Are you projecting past negative feelings on the current relationship? Or have you had a childhood trauma that affects you now? Check yourself for psychological problems. Having understood yourself, you will understand when you really should doubt something and when you perceive the situation incorrectly.

5. Never play games

Most often, jealous people want to feel better, and therefore, they are looking for ways to make their partners be jealous too. Do not do it. If you are talking about your ex and flirting with strangers in front of your current partner, things don't get better. Just stay yourself and do not invent new game scenarios for your manipulations.

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