The Honeymoon Period in a Relationship: How to Make It Last Longer


The first stage in building relationships between men and women is called a honeymoon period. This time frame usually means a few months from the first date to the decision to live together. During this period, a man who has become interested in a girl makes efforts to win her favor. This time, people experience a pleasant psycho-emotional state, and nice feelings from communication are so strong that we want to see each other more often, and even sex in relationships become much more sensual.

Usually, at this stage in the development of relationships between people, spiritual closeness is important. The time that people spend together gives a lot of positive emotions. A couple in love is more interested in each other’s inner world than in carnal pleasures. Innocent touches and gentle kisses are usually the only manifestations of physical intimacy. So, what is the honeymoon period and how to make it last long?

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What Is the Honeymoon Period in Relationships?

Men choose women for a reason, and women seeking men know what they need. The very first prerequisite for their acquaintance is external data. No wonder they say that a man loves with his eyes (the same goes for women). The honeymoon stage is the most pleasant time of relationships between partners, the most romantic part of love, which is accompanied by attention to each other in various forms and manifestations.

What is the honeymoon meaning? This is a time when both a man and a woman are as attentive to each other as possible – a man gives a woman gifts and flowers, cares and tries his best. And the woman also shows herself from the best side – she is caring and kind, she looks beautiful and shows herself as nice as possible. But this period is not infinite, and most relationships don’t last so long. Knowing how much this phase lasts will be useful to prepare in time for the transition of relationships to a new level. It occurs suddenly and also passes unexpectedly. However, this feeling inspires, pushes to bold actions, and makes us look at the world differently.

The Duration of the Honeymoon Phase

How long does the honeymoon phase last? The duration of this period is an average of 1-2 years, but it is just an approximate figure. But for each couple, everything is individual: for some, the relationship comes to a standstill after a couple of months, while for others, this manifestation of feelings still persists for many years, when the couple becomes already a full-fledged family. The main thing is that the partners have a desire to support those mutual feelings, and this is what brings them together at the beginning of their relationships. Then all the relationship stages will be strong and long.

The duration of this stage of the relationship depends on the initial ideas about your partner, which are always figurative. Many don’t overcome the milestone when all the flaws, nuances of the character and style of behavior become visible. To avoid such troubles and not to be disappointed in the choice after a while, you just need to give more time to each other, overcoming different phases of a relationship. Rushing things, without really knowing anything about the partner, is very dangerous. It’s better to take a closer look and make sure of your feelings.

Signs You Are in the Honeymoon Stage

Flash in the eyes, butterflies in the stomach, weakness in the knees…we feel love at the bodily level. But what are the other signs of a honeymoon period relationship?

honeymoon stageYou want to be always together

How long does infatuation last? People in love say that this feeling lasts forever. At the beginning of such a period, a man and a woman try to be together constantly because the couple is very interested in spending time together; as soon as they part, they begin to miss each other. It is in this period that various gifts and surprises that a man makes come to the forefront. There is a joint walk, kisses, and hugs.

You idealize each other

People don’t have to make any efforts to attract each other. They often idealize their partners. Indeed, at this time, they seem to be the best, good and kind, therefore, a desire awakens exclusively positive emotions. People want to help and give love and care to each other. This is a period when they don’t see flaws.

You can’t take your eyes off each other

Do you remember the honeymoon phase definition that is described above? You notice those who are brighter than your chosen one, but you look at them with the eyes of an uninterested observer. You don’t care much about others. Only your partner is important. When we cease to pay attention to potential sexual partners, this, according to studies, indicates an increase in emotional attachment and level of satisfaction with life in a couple.

After sex, you are in a light trance

As studies have shown, it is about love and passion that lovers experience during sex, and not just in sex as such. Love brings satisfaction, both on an individual level and in relationships. Of course, sexual intercourse can be highly satisfying, but it doesn’t guarantee love. But if you are in love, sex brings pleasure because this is when we feel the closeness shared with a partner.

All your thoughts are only about each other

As soon as you wake up, you involuntarily start thinking about your partner. It becomes hard to concentrate on work, on some kind of mental activity. You have a good mood all day. You don’t care much about problems at work. You often smile for no reason, and your eyes glow from the mere mention of your loved one. So, when is the honeymoon phase over in a relationship? It ends when you stop getting pleasant emotions from relationships.

You often feel euphoric when thinking about your partner

During the honeymoon phase, we constantly think about the object of our affection. At this stage, it’s quite normal if you think about the future and plan your free time only considering your love. This reaction was formed in the process of evolution as part of a survival system, and it helps us in the initial stage of relationships.

Your connection with this person is becoming deeper and stronger

Feelings of love or affection are necessary for our brain to realize its subconscious desire to establish communication with other people. As we have already heard more than once, people are very social beings, and our inner craving for personal relationships only confirms this fact. True love has a very strong social background. The love we feel for our partner helps us move from ordinary personal relationships to romantic ones and suppresses the desire to act selfishly and prudently.

You show a desire to take care of your partner

How long before the honeymoon phase is over in a relationship? Don’t worry, it will last quite long. Enjoy it because it is simply amazing how strong a sense of empathy is in people in relation to those we love. These are incredibly strong feelings of affection, devotion, and tenderness towards those we love. In general, we want to take care of these people; we want to surround them with care and kindness. These feelings are part of the survival mechanism of our brain, aimed at protecting our future.

Is It Possible to Make the Honeymoon Stage Last Longer?

Analyzing the question, "How long does the honeymoon phase last?" we have lost the fact that many people want the pleasure to last for as long as possible. Is it possible? Rather yes than no. The means of expression of love can be diverse. The main thing is that both partners should correctly understand them. The languages of love are different, and it is important to learn to speak exactly the one that your partner understands.

  1. The first tip may seem banal but still, the phrase “I love you” works miracles. But don’t turn these words into everyday life. Learn to say this so that your loved ones feel it and understand their importance in your life.
  2. Surprise. Everyone loves unexpected gifts and surprises, and we are not talking about expensive gifts, it may just be a romantic dinner or a small present. With this gesture, you will once again show your loved ones that they are dear to you.
  3. Laugh. It prolongs not only life but also relationships. Laugh and have fun together. Watch a comedy or start joking with your partner. Remember all the pleasant and funny moments of your life.
  4. honeymoon phase definitionFlirting in a relationship shouldn’t end. So, flirt with each other. This will help light a spark between you with renewed vigor. Give compliments, hold on the hand while walking, and so on.
  5. Don’t ignore the interests of your partners. Try to engage in the interests of your partners, and they will do the same in return. It will bring you even closer.
  6. A long-term relationship doesn’t mean that everything must be done with your soulmate. Therefore, try to engage in some personal affairs without your loved ones.
  7. Heart to heart communication – what could be better in a relationship between two loving hearts? But everyday fuss and chronic fatigue lead to the fact that there is neither time, nor strength, nor desire. So, we lose emotional warmth, intimacy, and friendship.

Main Scenarios After the Honeymoon Period Is Over

Nothing lasts forever, the relationship develops, and now a deeper and more serious feeling should come to replace the honeymoon phase. But what to do if the relationships honeymoon period is over? What can come of it?

True love based on support and respect

This may be developed even at the stage of falling in love. When love is gone, and everything goes well, then the relationship will be saved, but they will be much more conscious. The partners are so good and comfortable together that no one ends relationships. Emotions are not as explosive as in the honeymoon period, but partners give each other a lot of positive. Each of the partners occupies some stable place in the life of the partner. At this stage, people often begin to live together if there are no special barriers to this. A permanent relationship is about this stage.

Boring relationships with no intimacy and common interests

It is worth paying attention that when the honeymoon period is over, relationships cease to be so interesting. This indicates the onset of the next stage. At this time, hormones and feelings calm down a little, a person begins to notice not only the positive qualities of the partner but also the negative ones. There is a kind of mutual addiction. More relaxed behavior and the transition to a new stage guarantees the beginning of the first quarrels and misunderstandings when lovers feel bored, and there are no common interests. This fact often leads to a breakup.

A breakup

The storm of feelings and emotions subsides, you begin to soberly evaluate the pros and cons of your partner. You begin to get used to each other, behave more naturally and relaxed. It is about any long-term relationship. People have quarrels as if they are concentrating exclusively on each other’s disadvantages. The easiest and, at the same time, the worst solution is a breakup. But what’s bad about it? You will abandon the time-tested relationship and, in addition, enter into the honeymoon period with another partner, and everything will start all over again. It is not the best option. It is better to work on relationships.

People choose their partners. But to experience true love in life, you need to get to know each other well. Many couples consider the honeymoon period to be love. But as soon as romantic feelings leave them, the first difficulties and the first tests of relationships begin. Someone thinks that love has passed. But devotion and patience are the main qualities of love. So, when the honeymoon period is over, try to treat your relationships with care, support, and respect.

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